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Strangest Email Addresses


Strangest Email Addresses

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One thing we come across as a recruitment company is the sometimes strange choice of emails that people provide us with.  Before applying for a role your email is definitely worth considering because it gives a first impression you may not be aware of!  Here’s some tips…

Permanent Work Maidstone | Earl Street Employment Consultants | Strangest Email Adresses

Consider setting up a separate account for your job search, that way you’ll know all replies are going to one address and these are the only emails you’ll expect to see there.  Also keep the email address simple, avoid nicknames or any other personal info.  One we see a lot; emails with many digits or replacing the letter ‘o’ with zero’s:  If you don’t get many replies from your applications… this could be why!

Be Professional

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Keep it professional.  Avoid an email address with your nickname or any other personal info besides your name.  Show that you’re a serious candidate and somebody worth employing, needless to say but these two address examples or anything similar (or rude!) are definite no’s….…..

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Keep it appropriate.  If you’re finding it difficult to create a suitable combination of your name, don’t give up.  A professional email address can really help you get that interview. Instead, expand your options to include your middle name, initial or a word related to the field you’re pursuing.

Sometimes companies don’t always get it right either.  When they allocate their own professional email addresses and don’t take in to consideration a person’s initials.  It can be disastrous…  Daniel Ying (MIT) –

We hope these tips have helped!

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