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Making the most of bad weather


Making the most of bad weather

Although we’re in the midst of summer, this doesn’t mean that the UK is completely immune from our infamous bad weather. But don’t despair!

Today’s blog post hopes to offer you some ideas on what to do when the sun decides to take a few days off!

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Firstly, we have some ideas for things to do inside and secondly, some ideas for how to enjoy outside despite the bad weather.


Staying inside idea #1: to-do list items

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We all have that ever-growing to-do list of chores around the house, or things to prepare for the week ahead. Why not get ahead of yourself and be productive?

Take advantage of being forced to stay inside by doing all the chores – a handy tip to make ironing in particular more enjoyable is to iron while watching a TV show or listening to a podcast.


Staying inside idea #2: indoor activities

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Get your hygge on by taking advantage of a miserable day and cosying up with a book and a cup of something warm.

Alternatively, if you’re sharing inside with friends and family, why not organise a games night? You’ll forget the bad weather in no time!


Braving outside idea #1: outside-inside activities

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Who says you have to endure rain or snow when you’re out on a miserable day? Why not go shopping or spend a day visiting a museum or gallery?

It’ll be pouring outside but you will be inside warm and dry, while still being able to go out. We suggest a brolly for your to-and-from journey!


Braving outside idea #2: road trip

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There’s nothing as fun as going on a road trip! This is the perfect opportunity to drive somewhere new with a beautifully atmospheric backdrop of weather to complement your journey.

However, make sure the weather isn’t so bad as to make your journey dangerous – you always need to pay extra attention in bad weather conditions!


We hope we have convinced you that bad weather isn’t the end of the world and there are still lots of things you can do. Have fun whatever you get up to!


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