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Lunch Breaks Around the World


Lunch Around the World

Uninspired for lunch ideas? To get your stomach grumbling again, here’s an insight to lunch breaks around the world.


With the unpredictable weather a Brit’s lunch is weather dependent. During the cold winter months, a nice warm soup is desired to keep warm. For those not so cold days, a good old sandwich! Completed with a cup of tea or coffee.

United States

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American’s typically feast out on pizza during their lunch break with a fizzy drink on the side, followed by something sweet.


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Part of Germany’s food culture, the currywurst sausage is a typical German afternoon meal. Fries on the side with an apple, water or coffee.


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Popular in Austria is fried meat with salad and potatoes dressed in herbs.


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In Italy a  shot of espresso with a pasta dish served with salad, olives, tomatoes and bread is a popular choice.


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In France a ham baguette, a slice of apple pie and a glass of water is a well-known choice for an afternoon meal.


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Cheese is very popular in the Netherlands, Gouda being the most widely produced. A popular lunchtime meal would be a Gouda cheese sandwich with apples and grapes.


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Much like pizza, pide (flatbread) is a popular Turkish meal, topped with spinach and feta or for the meat lovers beef or lamb.

Do any of the above sound like something you would eat for your afternoon meal? All the above meals really differ in variety! Which choice is your favourite?

Hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration for your next afternoon meal!

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