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Social Media – What can a recruiter get from it?


Some of us are scared of it and some of us can’t live without it but social media is now integrated with every part of our modern day lives and as a recruiter it can be a useful tool.  Here are our top tips

Google your prospective candidate

Whilst most of us have had an unflattering photograph taken at the end of a heavy night out, if your interviewee is frequently ranting online about how unfair they think there boss is or making vulgar or discriminatory comments this could be an alarm signal for what could be a problematic employee.  Other things to watch out for are…

  • Positivity – How do they conduct themselves, are they positive and upbeat or a moaning myrtle?  This can help ensure your potential appointment is a good team fit with the personalities already within the department
  • Verify their work history – Most social media websites have a field where employer details are listed, does this marry up with what you have on their CV?
  • Skill Set –  Do they have the attention to detail they advertise when they are posting online? We can all be guilty of texting shorthand but if they are making silly spelling mistakes on their posts or grammatical errors this may not be the person you want typing up important documentation.
  • Blank canvas – don’t be put off if you are drawing a blank either with a bare profile or not finding them at all.  They may well be an outgoing person with plenty of friends but be private and savvy enough to ensure their security settings are set to the maximum to ensure only those they want to know, know their whereabouts and protect against the many fraudsters that operate online.

Role reversal

When was the last time you checked your own social media footprint?  Most applicants will do their research on the company they are applying for and potentially the person they may be working for.  Ensure your own social networking accounts are portraying you as the professional person they will be faced with at their interview.

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