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Happy Valentine’s Day


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? Valentine’s Day ?

This day of love – Valentine’s Day- is the second most popular holiday to send cards after Christmas.


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Valentine’s is rather like a love, hate relationship. Shops all market the occasion and welcome us with posters and bright red stands showcasing all things valentine’s related: cards, chocolates, roses and soft cuddly teddy bears. 

The History of Valentine’s

There is no true origin for Valentines Day but it does have remnants of Roman and Catholic traditions. 

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Saint Valentine

Named after a Saint Valentine. Yet, nobody quite knows which one as the Catholic Church speaks of three different Saint Valentines’.

The first being a roman priest from the third century who married young couples in secret against Emperors law. Emperor Claudius ll decided that single men made better soldiers so banned all marriages. Valentine got caught so the emperor sent him to prison and sentenced him to life. The second suggests that a Valentine was killed for helping Christians out of torturous roman prisons. Legend has it that the third fell in love with the prisoner’s daughter during his imprisonment and sent her a love letter signed ‘From your Valentine.’


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Fun  Facts about the 14th February ?

About 1 billion cards are exchanged each year! 

The red rose was the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

There are approximately 220,000 wedding proposals each February 14th! 

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